The Saturday of the Winkler Harvest Festival was an absolute blast, packed with local flair and family fun.

The town was buzzing with excitement during the annual parade, where local creativity took center stage. Colourful floats, lively local businesses, and spirited community organizations all came together to make the parade a true celebration of community.

The kids' zone was an adventure, it offers a petting zoo that turned animal lovers into giggling bundles of joy. Kids met heroes and princesses, while the climbing tower dared the bold to reach new heights. Face painting worked its magic, turning adorable faces into a canvas of unlimited creative designs.

The Harvest Festival had more to offer – classic carnival rides were a hit, gamers battled it out at the Etherlan Gaming tournament and had a chance to explore the Fawn and Cub Market. 

The night ended with the sound of the Hunter Brothers, ending the day on a musical high note. Laughter, music, and memories in the making filled the air, making the Saturday of the Winkler Harvest Festival an unforgettable celebration of community.

Sunday promises another day of thrills and laughter with timeless carnival rides. Car enthusiasts will have a blast at the Sunday Car Show, where various vehicles will steal the spotlight.

The excitement doesn't stop there. On Sunday, at 8:30 PM, the stage will come alive with the sensational sounds of We Are Messengers, the headliner band that's set to rock the festival grounds. The grand finale will be a mesmerizing fireworks display, marking an unforgettable end to this incredible Harvest Festival weekend.

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