A new piece of equipment is being purchased by the City of Winkler as it continues to track down why significantly more water than what's sold for consumption is ending up in the lagoon.


Ed Rempel is the director for works and operations, and says the power smoker will quickly identify any infiltration points.

It works by forcing non-toxic smoke into the sewer system, which quickly escapes if any leaks are present.

Rempel says essentially double the water the city sells for consumption is ending up in the city's lagoon, so it's a significant problem that needs to be dealt with.

He notes the infiltration may be coming from a number of sources including leaking manhole covers, cracked pipes, and water from sump pumps entering the sewer system instead of the storm drain system.

The estimated cost for the smoker is $5,000.


- Thursday, August 6th 2009 -