The Eagle 93.5 FM and high school students from Morden,Winkler, Carman and Altona are excited about the new season of Collegiate 411.  Listen every Saturday at 11:30 A.M. to find out what's going on in the halls of the schools.


Here's the schedule:

September 25th - Garden Valley Collegiate - Winkler

Oct 2nd - Morden Collegiate 

October 9th - Carman Collegiate

October 16th - W.C. Miller - Altona


We're also heading to each of these high schools for season 2 of The Collegiate Cup of Floor Hockey.  On the 23rd, the Eagle's "Birds of Prey" faced off against the GVC Zodiac teachers.  The resul, a 6-2 victory for the teachers and their second srtaight Collegiate Cup title!   See the pictures below.


Next up for the birds of prey is Morden Collegiate - September 30th.