The Winkler Flyers and the rest of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League are preparing for the 2010 MJHL Bantam Draft today. The Orange and Black have the fifth overall pick as the top 15 year olds (born in ’95) in the province find out where they will begin their junior hockey careers.

Flyers Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations John Marks has only been with the organization for a few weeks, and since he has been coaching in the United States for the past number of years he has not had the opportunity to see a lot of the players eligible for the draft.


Marks says he will be relying on Assistant Coach Ernie Sutherland, Head Scout Kent Coleman, and scout Rob Charney for guidance as they have spent countless hours in local arenas scouting the players that may become the Flyers of the future.

"Right now I'll be on the side lines at their shoulder and trust their instincts and observations, and if it comes down to one of two players I'd like to talk about what each guy brings and maybe have a little hand in something but I'm going to rely heavily on Ernie, Rob, and Kent." Says Marks.

"Obviously a work ethic is very important to me. Having a dedication to the game both on and off the ice. Being a good citizen is important and also somebody who is going to be coachable" Marks said when asked what kind of players they are looking for.

"I want kids that are going to work hard, I detest guys that whine and complain and ask what can you give me as opposed to what can I earn."


The draft will begin at 9am this morning in Winnipeg and will consist of 10 rounds. For the full draft list and order click here. 


The Steinbach Pistons have the first overall selection.



~ Saturday, May 29th, 2010 ~