It was a hard fought and very tight battle (not really), but when the final buzzer went it was the Morden Collegiate Staff edging the Eagle's Birds of pray 5-4 (see photos for actual score).  A dissapointing loss for the Birds, and asked what the deciding factor in the loss, net minder Steve Mullin was not at a loss for words with an explanation. "They obviously cheated.  They brought speed and talent to the table.  I mean, we obviously weren't aware such underhanded tactics were allowed in such a respectable sport." 

   Yes it's true, the lack of calls by the officials may have played a large role.  During the second period when Captain Chuck VanDaele questioned referee Corey Zacharias on what was an obvious illegal use of flair and talent by the Morden Collegite Staff captain, he responded,  " If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."  VanDaele looked quite confused by this comment but returned to the court to contribute to his 2 points in the game. "We obviously called in to question the integrity of the officials at that point, I mean, what does cooking have to do with floor hockey?" 

   "Blue" Jay Penner was the Bird's top scorer notching 2 goals and a helper, while Tyler "the Mighty Hummingbird" Hildebrand had a slow start coming of an injury. The first round draft pick in 2006 only managed a single goal.  When asked how her team performed, coach Connie Bailey replied, " Well obviously we have some things to work on, and over the next month we're really going to focus on conditioning.  Our energy and  enthusiasm really fell short late in the second period.  Matt Friesen was laying at center court for well over a minute, which obviously contributed to a staff goal.  Plain and simple we need to be better." 

   The Eagle's Birds of Prey now look forward to a weekend off, so that they can listen to Collegiate 411 Saturday morning at 11:30 sponsored by Elias Woodwork.  This weekend features the students of Garden Valley Collegiate.  The Eagle team visits Garden Valley next in the Collegiate Cup Series of Floor Hockey, but a date in October has yet to be set for the challenge.  For more on the innagural game view our pictures (video coming soon).  Thanks to Mr. Winslow from Morden Collegiate for organizing this competition, and for student correspondents Julie and Cory.  You'll hear from them October 10th on Collegiate 411.